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When choosing, you should “live within your means” and choose to buy according to your own full capacity. Don’t think bigger is better, even in order to “light out” blind pursuit of “bigger is better, so spend money not to say, the extra part will end with life card expires, the access speed will apply the size of the card is a lot slower than.
Don’t blindly pursue high speed cards. Because the speed of digital camera is determined by a number of links, from the image input, A-D conversion, CPU processing, until the cache size and speed, have a decisive role.
Third, buying parallel goods does not necessarily take advantage of them. As mentioned above, no more details. Only emphasize one point: the production of rough, pitted surface is not smooth, trademark printing font like water over the rough Yin card, that is not the smuggled goods are fake.
The memory card using FAT32 format to be more advanced than the FAT16 format, a new digital camera has now launched FAT32 support system, so in the purchase card, used for mobile storage, palm computer, mobile video and other equipment, must use the FAT32 card system; and the use of digital cameras, will distinguish camera launched the era, to decide to buy FAT16 card or FAT32 card system

The difference between memory card and memory card

Memory card: refers to the phone comes with memory chips, reflecting the mobile phone itself can be stored capacity.
Memory card: a flash memory card that is used to increase capacity. It is an essential hardware system for mobile phones.

Memory card fault

First, common faults
In the use of memory cards, the common faults are as follows:
1, no matter on the computer or on the digital camera, you can’t find the memory card.
2, the file on the memory card can be copied and cut out, but it cannot be written to the new file.
3, on the computer can read and write operations, but can not use in digital cameras.
4, the memory card can be used on similar cameras, and change to different brands of cameras can not be used.
5, the memory card capacity suddenly became smaller.
6, digital images in the storage process loss.
7, on the computer with the use of software to open the picture when the picture is incomplete.

How to maintain a digital camera memory card?

The memory card is a very fragile, the electronic chip is composed of a plastic outer packing, in use often due to improper operation, read out the fault, its problems and virus infection and other reasons can not be normal use. If it is a hardware problem, it can only be repaired or re purchased by the manufacturer. If it is caused by improper operation or software failure, it can be eliminated by itself. Here are the common faults and troubleshooting methods of memory cards.

What are the types of memory cards available?

What are the types of memory cards, the difference between the various types of multimedia memory card?
Multimedia flash memory card is a general term, including SD, MMC, TF, MicroSD and so on.
Currently on the market use of multimedia flash memory cards are: CF, MMC, SD, MINI-SD, RS-MMC, T-Flash, MS, MS, PRO, MS, Duo nine kinds.
SD card
SD card (Secure Digital Memory Card) is a new generation of semiconductor memory devices based on flash memory. SD card by Panasonic, Toshiba and the United States SanDisk company in August 1999 jointly developed. The size is like a stamp SD memory card, weighing only 2 grams, but it has high memory capacity, fast data transmission rate, great mobility flexibility, and good security.
Detailed description:
The built-in encryption technology, adaptive SDMI protocol function based on copyright protection.
The high speed data transmission, the average of 2 megabytes per second.
The type of flash memory card (FlashMemory)
It is compatible with the interface: 9 pin
The maximum transmission frequency: 25MHz
The transmission speed: write 2MB/ seconds, read 3MB/ seconds
The power supply voltage: 1.6 ~ 3.7V
– size: 24mm weight (W) * 32mm (high) * 2.1mm (thick), 2 grams.
SD card includes high-speed SD card, miniSD card, microSD card, new standard SDHC card and so on.

Memory card profile

SD memory card is used for independent storage medium mobile phone, digital camera, portable computer, MP3 and other digital products, the general card form, it is referred to as the “memory card”, also known as the “digital memory card” and “digital memory card” and “card”. Memory card has the advantages of small size, easy to carry and easy to use. At the same time, because most memory cards have good compatibility, it is easy to exchange data between different digital products.

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